Sibylle Wälty


Sibylle Wälty has been researching at the ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE as a doctoral student since June 2016. She is an Architect ETH Zurich, holds an MSc Real Estate from the University of Krems and a CAS RIS/GIS “spatial information systems” from ETH Zurich.

In her applied interdisciplinary Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) funded project „How to grow: Planning for sustainable land use“, together with her legal project partner, she forms the basis for a conditional-dynamic, and inclusive spatial planning resp. development designed for the implementation of parsimonious land use.

With her company Researchier GmbH, she advises stakeholders on the transformation of the built environment into a holistically sustainable, pedestrian and cyclist-oriented one.



Urban analytics, urban design, holistically sustainable, dynamic planning opportunities, projecting theoretical pictures, land use planning tool