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Building care: That’s why our cities do not fall apart (Video)

During one year, from 2012 to 2013 this research project accompanies four building care takers at work: besides two stationary care-takers, the project follows one mobile building-care company in the metropolitan area of Zürich and one care-taker of Switzerland's largest housing cooperation. Building-care is understood as repair and maintenance process that contributes crucially to the quality of housing estates and of buildings and in this way significantly influences the quality of living.

Construction Site: Metamorphoses in the City

One of the paradoxes of growth is construction. A city without the din and inconveniences of building could be said to be a dead city. A city filled with the sounds, smells, and impasses created by demolition and construction are likewise the most alive. It's as if the city is working towards some sort of ideal, an unattainable Utopia where one building begets the next, or where the death of one building begets a replacement. But given the undeniable presence of construction sites in thriving cities, surprisingly little literature is given to the subject.

Edition Wohnen: Illuminating

The image of open working and living spaces flooded with light has, more than any other, become fixed in our minds as a symbol of modernity and the spirit of the times. While the workplace has always been the focus of ergonomic studies and optimization with respect to a good provision of daylight, large glass surfaces have now become the order of the day for living spaces as well. But does this automatically make for better illumination?


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