Urban Research Symposium - Stadtforschung im Gespräch mit William W. Goldsmith


William W. Goldsmith will discuss his new book, Saving Our Cities: A Progressive Plan to Transform Urban America. He argues that the time is right for U.S. cities (and city planners) to push for more enlightened state and federal action. Now, after the Trump election, progressive city movements are even more important, and there most probably are many European parallels. In Saving Our Cities, Goldsmith argues that the most important U.S. 'urban' policies are those that are not actually regarded as 'urban' at all. We need 'upstream' policies to address social problems that disproportionately harm urban areas. In his talk Professor Goldsmith will discuss decisions by federal, state, and suburban governments, often in support of corporate goals, that harm city residents by promoting austerity, unequal schools, bad food, and the drug war.

Donnerstag, 27. April 2017 - 18:00 bis 20:00

ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, HIL E 3, 18.00 Uhr
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Departement Architektur, Dozentur Soziologie
ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE