Density & Atmosphere

On Factors relating to Building Density in the European City
Building development and transport infrastructure continue to erode and deplete our ever-scarcer cultural landscapes. Therefore the key question of the built density of our towns and cities is being widely and heatedly discussed. But are there any concrete criteria? Can density be calibrated? Can it be diluted or distilled? How sustainable is it? And can it provide desirable spaces in which to live and create a sense of common belonging? This book provides a comprehensive written, diagrammatic, photographic, and cortographic exploration oft he phenomenon of density as a compound of objective and subjective factors that together create scale, atmosphere, and meaning – a unique and timely handbook, a register, and an analytical tool for anyone interested in our built past and future.

Winner of the DAM Architectural Book Award 2015

Birkhäuser Publishers, 538 pages, English and German (Dichte & Atmosphäre - Über die bauliche Dichte und ihre Bedingungen in der mitteleuropäischen Stadt)

ISBN 978-3-0356-0439-9 (E)
ISBN 978-3-0356-0441-2 (G)
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Dietmar Eberle