MAS Papers

Authors Title Year
Alejandro Jaramillo Quintero Architecture of Return in Post-conflict Colombia 2019
Katharina Reidl Wohnen mit Durchblick: Gebauter Raum, und Gemeinschaft am Hunziker Areal 2019
Angeliki Chrisimou International Knowledge Transfer in Coperative Housing: From Mehr als wohnen to housing developments across Swiss borders 2019
Stefania Koller Alte Muster, neue Wege: Studie der 47 gemeinnützigen Wohnbauträgeinnen, dia am Aufbau der Baugesnossenschaft mehr als wohnen beteiligt waren 2019
Hanspeter Steiger Building Materials fit for the Future 2019
Hiroki Tanigaki From Housing Policies to a Socail Production of Habitat: Analysis of stratergies against Bolivia's massive housing defecit 2019
Dania Alhaffar Sheltering the Vulnerable: An analysis of displaced people's housing challenges in Naba's 2018
Josep Maria Solé Gras Incremental housing, progressive habitat: The Chilean experience 2018
Luigi Maria Mammone Khalsa Sabaudia: Sikh's appropriation of built enviornment in Agro Pontino 2018
Peter Anderson, Ivana Mihaljevic The Birth of the Plan: Identifying Phenomena behind new Housing Developments in Copenhagen 2018
Lisa Brenier Die Rolle der Architekturprofession bei der Intergration von Flüchtlingen im Bereich Wohnbau 2018
Dzhelil Gemedzhy Khrushchyovka: The rise and fall of public housing in Moscow 2018
Selina Lutz Die Whon- und Lebensentwürfe der Gemeinschaft zwischen Utopie und Wirklichkeit 2018
Susanne Schmid Geteiltes Wohnen - Modelle des urbanen Zusammenlebens mit Nutzungsoptionen als Erweiterung und Kompensation des individuellen Wohnraums (102) 2017
Myrto Xopapa Will Millennials as pioneers in cooperative housing define the new affordable and adequate way of living? – The case of Athens, Greece (101) 2017
Le Quang Spontaneous Modifications in Hanoi – Current situation and potential for Housing development (100) 2017
Maryma Khatibi Vernacular Courtyard Dwellings: Exploring the Passive Environmental Strategies of Traditional Courtyard Houses of Tabriz, Iran (99) 2017
Chatzivasileiou Asini-Styliani Learning from Meteora (98) 2017
Martina Cvetković Rural-Urban Partnership in the Republic of Serbia – The Case of Town Pirot and the Village Gradšnika (97) 2016
Tianxing Dai Village Renewal through Sustainable Tourism – Strategies for the Development of the Historic Village of Yubei, China (96) 2016
Marco Jacomella The Project of the Common (95) 2016
Jiwon Jung Cooperative Housing for Seniors in Seoul – Development an Buliding Management (94) 2016
Maria Kouvari Social Housing in Greece – A Study on State Policies and Outcomes (93) 2016
María José Oliva Herruzo Ghost Towns in Spain – Analysis and Guidelines for Recovery after the Real Estate Bubble Burst (92) 2016
Blanka Petrovčić In Search of the New Identity – Guidelines for Recovery of Public Space in Tribunj (91) 2016
Renata Tomovska Transformation of the House in Skopje – From Oriental to European Modern Influence (90) 2015
Francesca Pigni The Detached House in Lombardy – Social Impact of a Private Entity (89) 2015
Valentina Balan Housing in Transition – Potential Directions to improve Livin Conditions in Post-Socialist Mass Housing Structures in Bucharest, Romania (88) 2015
Thi Phuong Oanh Tran The Apartment Layout and the Household: A Diachronic Study of Multi-Family Housing in Three Swiss Cities (87) 2014
Alberto Massacci Sant'Elia Regeneration: Investigation of the Renovation of a Suburban Area in Cagliari (86) 2014
Elisa Loganes Comparative Housing Taxonomy: The Typological Evolution of "Gemeinnütziger Wohnungsbau" in Zürich (85) 2014
Maria Kallikouni Rethinking the Housing of the Otherness: Roma Housing in Greece (84) 2014
Maria Dimitriou Iera Odos: Revitalization of the Historical Road in Elonas, Athens (83) 2014
Elissavet Tamvakera When the State has no more money – Looking for qualitative affordable housing models (82) 2013
Alessandro Monfegola Vacant buildings for housing in Sao Paulo – How to attract inhabitants an investors in the district of Se and Republica (81) 2013
Bence Komlósi Living Democracy – Bottom up initiatives for sustainable Housing Developments in Budapest – Housing Co-operatives as potential Tools (80) 2013
Michaela Hojoková Future Perspectives of Czech Suburbia: the case of post-socialist Brno (79) 2013
Dennise Castillo Calle Improving Housing Quality on an urban scale – Proposal for a future compact development in Cuenca Ecuador (77) 2013
Angeliki Thymi Habitation in the Old Town of Corfu; Redesign Startegies for Sustainability and Development in the context of UNESCO (76) 2012
Natalija Radivojević Suitable building strategies for reducing energy consumption; Solutions applicable to social and bioclimatic context of Belgrade’s agglomeration (75) 2012
Nikola Mandić Improving New Belgrade Housing; Strategies for Refurbishment an Maintenance of Blocks 61, 62, 63 and 64 (74) 2012
Jakob Leb Flexible Baustrukturen für Baugemeinschaften; Architektonische Strategien zur Optimierung von Baugemeinschaftsprojekten in der Steiermark (73) 2012
Alexandros Kapsimalis Athens Urban Block; In Search for Improvement in the Inner-city Living (72) 2012
Josip Jerković reThinking Zagreb; Influence of Urban Policies on the Quality of Zagreb’s Neighbourhoods (71) 2012
Maryam Jafarbegloo Development of Residential (Multifamily) Housing Typology in Theran (70) 2012
Petar Bojović General Framework for Long-term Re- Conceptualization of Public Spaces in New Belgrade Blocks 61-64 (69) 2012
Marija Milič Floating Holiday Housing in Serbia. Pilot Study: Lake Perucac sustainable development of existing floating settlement to improve the value of Western Serbia (68) 2011
Rodrigo Lopes Housing Quality - between function and atmosphere. defining and improving quality in housing from the perspective of experts and users (67) 2011
Isabel Glogar Ein Haus für die Ewigkeit? Dauer durch Veränderung: eine Studie über die Anpassungsgeschichte und Wertschätzung von Gebäuden im urbanen Kontext (66) 2011
Christian Ernst Wohnen auf fremden Zonen. Konversion innerstädtischer Brachflächen (65) 2011