MAS Papers

Authors Titlesort descending Year
Angeliki Chrisimou International Knowledge Transfer in Coperative Housing: From Mehr als wohnen to housing developments across Swiss borders 2019
Luigi Maria Mammone Khalsa Sabaudia: Sikh's appropriation of built enviornment in Agro Pontino 2018
Dzhelil Gemedzhy Khrushchyovka: The rise and fall of public housing in Moscow 2018
Günter Gerlach Klassizistische Architektur im Wohnungsbau (12) 2004
Sunan Tu Land ownership & housing price: Three cities in China and Switzerland (44) 2008
Chatzivasileiou Asini-Styliani Learning from Meteora (98) 2017
Bence Komlósi Living Democracy – Bottom up initiatives for sustainable Housing Developments in Budapest – Housing Co-operatives as potential Tools (80) 2013
Martina Vencalkova Mixed Use in Architecture: As an Attempt to Re-Establish Urban Life - Its Concepts and Tendencies During the 20th Century (11) 2003
Aleksandra Curčin Models for achieving affordable housing in Pančevo (64) 2011
Gabriel Assin Neue Strategien zur Quartiererneuerung in der Schweiz (48) 2009
Shinji Hachiya Perceptive and objective space composition – How I perceive space and what exist (45) 2008
Susan Wunderwald Plattenbauten. Masse statt Klasse. Untersuchungen zum aktuellen Erscheinungsbild der Plattenbauten und dessen Beurteilung durch Bewohner, Eigentümer und städtische Planer am Beispiel Leipzig-Grünau (19) 2005
Sylvia Klanczynska Post-Industrial Living: Guidelines and Principles for Revitalization of Post-Industrial Structures in Szczecin in Context of Cultural Sustainable Development (17) 2004
Konstantia Chadio Postwar "Poly-Katoikia" – Redesign strategies for urban apartment buildings in Athens (46) 2008
Dominic Haag Preisgünstige Wohnangebote für das Alter – Strategische und organisatorische Erfolgsfaktoren gemeinnütziger Bauträger (39) 2008
Chrisanthi Zachari Privat nutzbare Aussenräume von Wohnbauten (43) 2008
Florencia Medina Proposal for Housing Strategies for Deep Havana, Havana-Cuba (51) 2009
Pablo Aumente Gallego Proposals for affordable housing in Cordova, Spain. Change and Opportunity (62) 2011
Dimitrios Sakellariou Providing High Quality Holiday Housing as Part of the Strategy for the Sustainable Development in the Coastal Areas of Greece (58) 2010
Israel García & Alan Edburg Quality in social housing for Querétaro, Mexico A proposal to improve the quality of social housing in Querétaro, Mexico (33) 2007
Maciej Wojciech Kowalczyk Re-dencity: In search for solutions for future development in Warsaw’s inner-city housing (57) 2010
Thanh Dat Cung Redesign Strategy for Hanoi Ancient Quarter – The 36 Streets and Guilds (52) 2009
Mireya Sanchez Gomez Rethinking residential areas in mid-sizes inland Spanish cities. Pilot study: Santa Maria de Benquerencia in Toledo (60) 2010
Maria Kallikouni Rethinking the Housing of the Otherness: Roma Housing in Greece (84) 2014
Josip Jerković reThinking Zagreb; Influence of Urban Policies on the Quality of Zagreb’s Neighbourhoods (71) 2012
Ralph Stoian Robustere Bauweisen – Ein Beitrag zur Optimierung der Lebenszyklen von Wohnbauten (53) 2009
Martina Cvetković Rural-Urban Partnership in the Republic of Serbia – The Case of Town Pirot and the Village Gradšnika (97) 2016
Carolina Andrade San Miguel S.O.S. Cipó: Alternative Strategies for the Environmental Protected Urban Area of Serra do Cipó, in Brazil (59) 2010
Alberto Massacci Sant'Elia Regeneration: Investigation of the Renovation of a Suburban Area in Cagliari (86) 2014
Claudia Pontoriero-Thom Schönheit und Tauglichkeit eines Alltagsgegenstandes: Die Treppe im privaten Wohnraum (03) 2001
Dania Alhaffar Sheltering the Vulnerable: An analysis of displaced people's housing challenges in Naba's 2018
Maria Kouvari Social Housing in Greece – A Study on State Policies and Outcomes (93) 2016
Le Quang Spontaneous Modifications in Hanoi – Current situation and potential for Housing development (100) 2017
Mirko Di Lanzo Strategies to sustain and develop forward existing qualities in suburban areas of Zurich Learning by a comparative analysis between two suburban areas conceived and developed in two different eras (35) 2007
Natalija Radivojević Suitable building strategies for reducing energy consumption; Solutions applicable to social and bioclimatic context of Belgrade’s agglomeration (75) 2012
Harriet Pilkington (nee Richards) Systemsbuild. European Practice for a New Zealand Context (23) 2005
Thi Phuong Oanh Tran The Apartment Layout and the Household: A Diachronic Study of Multi-Family Housing in Three Swiss Cities (87) 2014
Peter Anderson, Ivana Mihaljevic The Birth of the Plan: Identifying Phenomena behind new Housing Developments in Copenhagen 2018
Mio Kato The Concept of Context in Contemporary Housing Design of the German speaking Region of Switzerland (13) 2004
Francesca Pigni The Detached House in Lombardy – Social Impact of a Private Entity (89) 2015
Eirini Maria Gerogianni The potential for adaptability in multi-unit prefabricated housing. Literature review and four case studies (34) 2007
Marco Jacomella The Project of the Common (95) 2016
Kleio Chala The way from the public space to the apartment Atmosphere in semi public areas (55) 2010
Maurice Friel Towards a desirable High-Rise (06) 2001
Renata Tomovska Transformation of the House in Skopje – From Oriental to European Modern Influence (90) 2015
Jürg Keel Über Anpassbarkeit im Wohnungsbau: Zur Sondernutzungsplanung als Nahtstelle zwischen Raumplanung und Architektur (16) 2004
Anett Krassnitzer Übergänge im Geschosswohnungsbau (01) 1996
Alessandro Monfegola Vacant buildings for housing in Sao Paulo – How to attract inhabitants an investors in the district of Se and Republica (81) 2013
Christoph Eggenspieler Verdichtungsstrategien von Wohnsiedlungen aus den Bauboomjahren (36) 2007
Maryma Khatibi Vernacular Courtyard Dwellings: Exploring the Passive Environmental Strategies of Traditional Courtyard Houses of Tabriz, Iran (99) 2017