Publications ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE & team

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Margrit Hugentobler, Eveline Althaus, Angela Birrer Ageing in place: challenges and opportunities at the interface between property management and older residents 2018
ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE: Margrit Hugentobler, Jan Silberberger, Michaela Schmidt; ecos: Lena Ajdacic, Nathalie Gaullier, Patrik Aellig, Alain Bruttin, Daniel Wiener ANANAS – Guidelines and Checklists to Sustainable Site Development for Cities and Districts 2016
Ignaz Strebel, Jan Silberberger Architecture Competition: Project design and the building process 2017
Ignaz Strebel, Susanne Hofer Building care: That’s why our cities do not fall apart (Video) 2014
Marie Antoinette Glaser Construction Site: Metamorphoses in the City 2008
Eberhard Tröger Density & Atmosphere 2015
Eveline Althaus, Rosmarie Boschetti, Flavian Cajacob, Dietmar Eberle, Susanne Hofer, Andreas Huber, Ignaz Strebel Edition Wohnen: Hauswartung 2015
Michelle Corrodi, Klaus Spechtenhauser Edition Wohnen: Illuminating 2008
Andreas Huber Edition Wohnen: New Approaches to Housing for the Second Half of Life 2008
Klaus Spechtenhauser Edition Wohnen: The Kitchen 2006
Nicola Hilti Lebenswelten multilokal Wohnender 2012
Margrit Hugentobler, Andreas Hofer, Pia Simmendinger More than housing: Cooperative Planning - a case study in Zurich 2015
PD Dr. Monika Kurath Nichtwissen lenken 2016
Marie Antoinette Glaser Vom guten Wohnen 2014
Wir wohnen 2009