Socio-Technical Processes

This research topic involves the development of theoretical and methodological instruments with which to understand built heterogeneity. The essential assumption is that the social and technical components of the built environment are interlocked with each other. Our projects document the relationships between the people, institutions, regulations, technologies and the built structures that shape buildings, infrastructure and residential areas. The underlying aim is to gain new insights into how adaptable the built environment is to the requirements of contemporary societies.

The subjects of our projects are the methodologies, practices and the discourses of participants and institutions, and how buildings, infrastructure and urban forms are thereby planned, modified and sometimes even destroyed. Particular emphasis is placed on the question of the applicational impacts of these processes and how they influence urban transformation.

The theoretical basis for our research is derived from scientific and technological research, as well as from sociology and geography.

Dr. Ignaz Strebel
Dr. Monika Kurath
Dr. Jan Silberberger