Julio Paulos


Julio joined the ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE in Spring 2014. He received his BA in Human Geography at the Institute of Geography in Strasbourg (UdS, 2008-2011), and M.Phil in Urban Anthropology at the European Studies Institute in Paris (IEE Paris 8, 2013-2014). A recent graduate of the 4Cities UNICA Interdisciplinary Master in Urban Studies (2011-2013), he spent two years analysing and understanding urban space and society while living in 4 European capitals (Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid). 


His current engagement, the SNF-Project Rethinking Zones: A comparative study of Urban Planning Cultures, analyzes planning cultures in urban areas from the perspective of Urban Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS). He is conducting ethnographic research for the case studies of Zürich (in collaboration with colleague Marko Marskamp), Vienna and Lisbon. 

Julio is particularly interested in merging theoretical and methodological insights from both social sciences and the humanities by using a local and site-specific standpoint of the current urban realm. His research emphasizes the epistemological production of planning knowledge and theory, along with ways technical expertise is carried out and strengthened by hybrid actors in complex networks during the planning process. Through understanding the city in terms of how associations between human and non-human actors are formed in relational and diverse ways rather than through fixed and stable processes, he engages the concept of flat ontology by mapping and rethinking controversies as they are inscribed in the city.

Research Fields
Urban studies, Planning studies, Social Theory, Science and Technology studies (STS)

Research Focus
Actor-Network Theory (ANT), Assemblage theory and complexity thinking, Non-representational theory, Mapping Controversies, Ethnography

Current Projects
SNF-Project Rethinking Zones : A comparative study of Urban Planning Cultures (Applicants: Dr. Monika Kurath, Prof. Dr. Jean Ruegg; PhD Students Marko Marskamp, Julio Paulos)

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