Wir wohnen

Wohnen – Im Wechselspiel zwischen öffentlich und privat

If sustainable development is a shared aim of our society, we are compelled to re-think how we live our everyday lives. This includes housing and dwelling practices, which are influenced both by personal understandings of happiness and by planning scenarios decided by the public sector. The European context is characterised by a paradoxical situation whereby most people live in the agglomeration, yet their dreams are polarised between a life in the city and in the countryside. This should be seen in contrast to the modus operandi of the Asian city as the form of living of the future. This situation provides architecture and its users with the task of reconsidering values such as sustainability, durability and aesthetics as well as interactions with the built environment and cultural change.

Niggli Verlag, 236 Seiten, deutsch, 2009

ISBN 978-3-7212-0708-8

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Dietmar Eberle, Marie Antoinette Glaser