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Elective «Housing»



Housing considered in its context: architectural, cultural, social, technical and economic conditions and processes influence housing design and ways of living. What changes have occurred in the course of the last century? The design, construction and renovation of housing is a cultural process. Which actors and forces shape this process? What are the architectural and organizational solutions applied to address the diversity of contemporary life styles, modes of habitation and their ongoing transformation, as well as to sociodemographic developments? What is their contribution to the tenets of sustainable development?

The design and construction of housing always takes place within the cultural and socio-economic context of a given neighborhood and community. How is this context being interpreted? How is the design and construction of housing viewed as a contribution to urban development?

Results and insights from housing research and recent practice will be presented using illustrations of contemporary examples of housing complexes. In addition to selected information inputs, the focus will be on processes of the cooperation between different actors (transdisciplinarity) representing different areas of expertise (interdisciplinarity). Students will present and discuss their methodological approach to an "elective project (or paper)".


Course Program

Fall term 2010 and spring term 2011

The lectures take place Thursdays from 12.45 - 14.30 p.m. at lecture hall HIL E7.


'Nachhaltigkeit' (presentation), Margrit Hugentobler [pdf - 1.6 Mb]


Dr. Marie Glaser