Henriette Steiner

Ph.D., History and Philosophy of Architecture
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
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Henriette Steiner joined the ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE in February 2009. A Danish citizen, she holds a BA in Comparative Literature and a MA in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as a MPhil in History and Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2008, she graduated with a PhD in Architecture from the University of Cambridge. She has held visiting fellowships at TU München, University of Copenhagen, the National University of Singapore and the University of California, Berkeley. Her research and publications cross disciplinary boundaries between the humanities, the social sciences and the aesthetic fields and her research interests concern the way the modern city has been represented and discussed, read and interpreted.


Stadt – Raum – Kultur
Kulturelle Praktik und Lebenswelten

Projekte und Aktivitäten

Co-convener of the international research network Negotiating (In)visibilities – A Network on the Hidden and the Seeable of Contemporary Culture. http://ni.ikk.ku.dk/

Supervision / Betreuung Wahlfacharbeiten. http://wohnforum.arch.ethz.ch/lehre/wiss_wahlfach-wohnen.html


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