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AGS Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Cities (1997-1999)



Over the last two years, the group of the AGS research project "Future Cities - Toward Sustainable Cities" has developed methods and tools for a multi-systems analysis of sustainable urban development, an analysis of resource consumption and reuse in cities and surrounding regions, the investigation of the environmental impact of human activities in cities, and the development of policy choices to reduce urban transport related air pollution and fossil fuel consumption.

The collaboration of the "Future Cities Group", involving a variety of disciplines (engineering, chemistry, biology, architecture, urban planning, sociology and political science), has culminated in the publication of a special issue of the Journal of Urban Technology (Vol. 4, 2, 1997) and in the draft of a manuscript for a book entitled "Future Cities: Dynamic and Sustainability" which will be submitted to a publisher in the spring of 2000.

Index: Future Cities: Dynamics and Sustainability

I. Introduction (Liddle, B. & Moavenzadeh, F.)

II. Resource Management on Regional Scale
A. Restructuring Urban Systems (Baccini, P. Kytzia, S., Oswald, F.)
B. Carbon management in future cities:Long term scenarios for the transition to a second solar society: A case study in the Swiss Lowlands (Müller, D., Bader, H.P., Baccini, P.)
C. Sustainable Water Management (Aramaki, T.)

III. Urban Services: Local and Global Impacts
A. A Multi-Systems Analysis of Sustainable Development:
Brook Revitalizations in Zürich (Hugentobler, M. & Gysi, S.)
B. Environmental Loading of Resource and Heat Recovery (Hanaki, K.)
C. Towards Sustainable Urban Transport: Finding Synergies between Lowering Local and Global Impacts (Liddle, B. & Moavenzadeh, F.)
D. Urban Heat Environment and Urban Sustainability (Dhakal, S.)
E. "Green" Buildings: Private and Public Gains (Liddle, B & Finch)

IV. Developing and Developed Countries: Challenges and Cooperation
A. The Sustainability Challenge for Climate Change: Balancing Inter- and Intragenerational Equity (Liddle, B. & Moavenzadeh, F.)
B. Global Accords (Choucri, N.)
C. Research in Partnership with Developing Countries: Application of the Method of Material Flux Analysis in Tunja, Colombia (Binder, C.)
D. Partnerships between the Developed and Developing World: Creating the Necessary Human Resources (Guzman, A.)

V. Conclusions (Baccini, P.)


Margrit Hugentobler, Beisi Jia, Fred Moavenzadeh, Keisuke Hanaki (2002)
AGS Future Cities. Guangzhou: A Partnership for Sustainable Urban Development
In: DISP 151 (4/2002), S. 51-57.

Margrit Hugentobler, Markus Brändle-Ströh (1997)
Sustainable Urban Development. A Conceptual Framework and its Application
In: Journal of Urban Technology. Vol. 4, 2, 1997, S. 85-99.


Margrit Hugentobler
Prof. em. Alexander Henz (Freie Mitarbeit)