We are happy to announce that we started a future cooperation for the 4th AHF Symposium with the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, UNESCO Chair of Housing, University Rovira i Virgili and his team will host ETH CASE Affordable Housing Forum in fall 2019. More Infos to follow.

The challenge of decent housing for all groups of society is evidently growing in a context of contemporary neo-liberal developments in almost all western countries and in a growing number of developing countries. Market-oriented housing policies still often put ownership models in favor. At the same time the wider implications of this consist of inadequate supply and unaffordable offers only for the middle-income and upper classes. The economic and human toll of the housing affordability gap is enormous and still increasing. Alternative tested and/ or novel models of organizing and financing housing (Co-Housing, etc.) are sparsely promoted nor systematically studied. It is the high interest of the ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE to explore more in the theoretical and practical discussion of housing policies and measures, financial and organizational as well as social models of low-cost /affordable housing.  They may be historical experiments or contemporary ones, state-subsidized, by private investors, or not-for-profit oriented, bottom up or top down models. The research and knowledge platform is the “Affordable Housing Forum“ at ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE.

The aims of the Forum are:

  • to intensify research and innovation on low cost housing, analyze and compare these models within local contexts and the global tendencies
  • to evaluate existing housing models and mechanisms
  • to increase the knowledge and qualify the involved actors
  • to put the focus on the financial and the social dimensions of affordable housing
  • and to develop education, mediation and participation in affordable housing