Brown Bag Lunch


The monthly BBL Seminars provide to our researchers, visiting guests and invited speakers an opportunity to share and debate over research ideas, concepts and findings. Most BBL seminars are held in English. We welcome the participation of researchers, experts and students interested in the discussed topics.

Thursday, 12.10.2017, with Sibylle Wälty

Topic: Despite or because of land use and design control: Has urban growth in greater Zurich gotten out of hand?

Content: Since the introduction of the Spatial Planning Act in 1980, Swiss Confederation, cantons, and municipalities are obliged to use the resource land sparingly. With this study, we are investigating, with a focus on the Greater Zurich, how successful land use and design control are in implementing this objective and how suitable the built environment controlled by it is for pedestrians.
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27
8093 Zurich
Room HIT K 52


16.02.17: Sarath Mataraarchchi 
16.03.17: Jan Silberberg 
13.04.17: Jennifer Duyne Barenstein
18.05.17: Marie Glaser
                Eveline Althaus
                Michaela Schmidt
15.06.17: Anthony Boanada-Fuchs 
14.09.17: Harriet Bersier 
12.10.17: Sibylle Wälty
16.11.17: Andrea Hagn
14.12.17: Michaela Schmidt
                 Eveline Althaus
Thursday, 12. October 2017