Brown Bag Lunch Spring 18


The monthly BBL Seminars provide to our researchers, visiting guests and invited speakers an opportunity to share and debate over research ideas, concepts and findings. Most BBL seminars are held in English. We welcome the participation of researchers, experts and students interested in the discussed topics.

Thursday, 08.03.2018, with Sascha Delz

Topic: Housing blocks and individual home ownership: How Ethiopia’s housing programme incorporates past mistakes and constructs future challenges

Content: Faced with an enduring housing crisis, Ethiopia launched a national housing program in the early 2000s. Although a quantitative success, the program generally missed to provide affordable housing for low-income citizens and produced both social and spatial challenges within the city. The lecture will discuss these outcomes along two of the program’s key pillars consisting of housing blocks and individual home-ownership.
Thursday, 26.04.2018, with Julio Paulos
Topic: The city between object and subject: on analysing the reconfigurations of planning action
Content: The presentation inquires the knowing practices in spatial planning, not only by revealing how socio-material processes are inscribed in certified knowledge or standardised concerns, that allow for the multiple co-existence of different planning formats, but also by challenging the inter-objectivity of urban questions that configure urban politics and the diversity of planning practices.
Thursday, 17.05.2018, with Nitin Bathla
Topic: The 300 Mile City: In search for thirdspaces and para-sites
A quarter of a century since the launch of Deyan Sudjic’s book provocatively titled ‘The 100-mile city’, we are today confronted with a new urban reality: a reality that is simultaneously alienating and emancipatory. Are we ‘living in the endless city’? as Sudjic’s recent book would claim, or is today’s urban reality a patchwork of ‘thirdspaces’ and ‘para-sites’? The talk will explore the conundrum of contemporary urbanization through a critical reading of the posthuman landscape of the Delhi region.

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08.03.18: Sascha Delz

26.04.18: Julio Paulos

17.05.18: Nitin Bathla


Thursday, 17. May 2018 - 12:30 to 14:00