Tarragona 2019

4th Affordable Housing Forum: Strategies towards inclusive cities: 17th and 18th October 2019, Tarragona, Spain

The 4th Affordable Housing Forum is an international and interdisciplinary symposium organised by the UNESCO Housing Chair of the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona (Spain) and the ETH Wohnforum Centre for Research on Architecture, Society and the Built Environment in Zurich (Switzerland).

The 4th Affordable Housing Symposium aims to bring together junior and senior researchers, educators and practitioners in the field of housing to open the debate and help inspire change. We welcome researchers and practitioners from many fields including urban design and planning, landscape and ecology, geography, social sciences, engineering and other fields related to spatial studies to present their work.
Imagine a world where cities are open for everybody, where all members of the society – regardless of their colour, religion, gender, physical or mental abilities – are welcome, safe and their voices are heard. 
In inclusive cities, everybody has access to adequate, safe and affordable housing; to sustainable transport systems; and to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces. The cities of the future enhance inclusive and sustainable urbanization and capacity for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management. The cities of the future will adopt and implement integrated policies and plans towards inclusion, resource efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and resilience to disasters. Cities of today are relevant civic formations taking on responsibility – they form platforms of taking action, like e.g. Barcelona, New York or Berlin (text based on the SDG 11, defined by UN).
From the perspectives of urban inclusivity and resilience, the Affordable Housing Forum 2019 in Spain focuses on housing, affordability and inclusion. The AFH 2019 aspires to contribute in defining relevant housing related tools, practices and models that support the sustainable transformation of our cities. 
Housing was always far more than a question of just a roof over one’s head. Strictly speaking it is a matter of creating a place where one has a sense of well-being and acceptance and feels at home. Well thought out public and semi-public spaces which invite social interaction are of great importance for the feeling of homeliness. Living together in cities needs also an urban structural planning framework. Just as it is always a question of structure and not only urban design, of urbanity and not only appearance, in housing it is always about everyday integrative suitability for the people.
Whereas the dominant ownership model is in the majority of countries widespread, alternative models of organizing and financing housing and inclusion (shared ownership, co-housing, etc.) are still sparsely promoted, nor systematically studied. It is the high interest of the ETH Centre for Research on Architecture, Society & the built Environment and of the UNESCO Housing Chair URV to explore more in the conceptual and practical discussion of housing policies and measures towards inclusion and against segregation, towards organizational as well as social integrative models of affordable housing. They may be historical or contemporary ones, state-subsidized, market-led, or not-for-profit oriented, bottom up or top down models. 
Panel 01: UN Challenge for inclusive cities - current problems and new approaches for urban inclusivity and housing affordability in Europe. Coordinator: Dr. Héctor Simón-Moreno (hector.simon@urv.cat)
Panel 02: Affordable and inclusive housing best practices in Europe: Coordinator: Núria Lambea (nuria.lambea@urv.cat)
Panel 03: Inclusive urban design - design approaches and methodologies towards inclusivity and affordability. Coordinator: Gemma Caballé-Fabra (gemma.caballe@urv.cat)
Panel 04: Digital transformation in housing - its impact on affordability and social connections. Coordinator: Dr. Rosa Maria Garcia-Teruel (rosmaria.garciat@urv.cat)
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For more information about the Affordable Housing Forum and its individual as well as institutional memberships, please contact: marie.glaser(a)arch.ethz.ch


About the Affordable Housing Forum

The Affordable Housing Forum has been created at ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE in Zurich in 2016 in order to support the New Urban Agenda and its housing at the centre focus by gathering and organizing expertise on affordable housing in Europe. Special emphasis is put on the specific housing challenge of former East European Countries (EEC), as well as cross-sector knowledge exchange. Four research axes are proposed to bring together various experienced and young actors from research, the professional field and the government:
The 4P of AHF stand for people, practices, provision and policy. In order to advance our understanding of affordable housing, more insights are needed (i) on the ways people use and appropriate housing and their aspirations; on (ii) actually implemented housing projects and actual housing projects

Conference Organization
Academic Conference Committee
Dr. Marie Glaser
Prof. Sergio Nasarre-Aznar
Dr. Estela Rivas-Nieto
Dr. Magdalean Gorczynska
Dr. Zsofia Glatz
Dr. Héctor Simón-Moreno
Dr. Rosa Maria Garcia-Teruel