Exploratory Workshop

The Affordable Housing Forum AHF was initiated during a two-day exploratory workshop (20th - 21st October 2016) at the ETH Zurich, organized by the ETH Wohnforum-ETH CASE. In these two intense workshop days, the team of ETH Wohnforum-ETH CASE discussed  with outstanding researchers and practitioners, who dedicated their research or practical work to the topic of housing affordability and adequacy. 

The lectures and discussions on the first day were open for public. On the second workshop day, the committee identified the the key questions and main topics of the Affordable Housing Forum, with inputs but the ETH Wohnforum-ETH CASE. 

  • A need of comparison of policies, housing models, etc.
  • A need for new/ alternative and non-dogmatic definitions of adequate and affordable housing
  • Establishment of a profound data collection of good practice 
  • How to define adequate and affordable housing in a given European context of different cultures and politics?
  • What housing market mechanisms are at stake?
  • How to enable and improve accessibility for affordable housing in different cultural and political contexts?
  • Who are the involved actors and what are their options in providing affordable housing ?
  • How can we define qualities of affordability and adequacy in housing?

The aim of the Affordable Housing Forum is to organize annual meetings, where new insights from current projects and future collaborations, including joint research projects will be exchanged and further promoted.