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Newsletter SNF 17. April 2019

Athena Lecture Series (Graphic: unfolded, Zurich)

ETH CASE organizes in collaboration with the Parity- and Diversity Group of DARCH a series of lectures by internationally recognized designers and scholars in the field of urban studies, architecture, urban design, urban and city planning and landscape architecture.

Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE/Jennifer Duyne Barenstein

It is widely assumed that popular visual art, such as murals, can potentially be a powerful driver for urban regeneration with important social, economic and environmental benefits. Based on these expectations, the Municipality of Bogota has recently launched Habitarte, a large-scale programme aimed at the upgrading of public spaces and home facades in informal settlements through colourful mural paintings.

Loneliness of many seniors is a major social problem. Photo: Isengardt

The ultimate goal of the comparative research project is to propose options and requirements for the public policy of the cities as well as actors on the housing market to support and enhance age-friendly urban environments and to prevent exclusion from social life and loneliness.

The project locates itself within the vision of age-friendly or ageing-friendly cities (WHO) and has social, spatial and economic implications. 

Siedlung Heiligkreuz

Max Pfister Baubüro AG has existed as a family business since 1933 and has around 1400 apartments in the St. Gallen area. All properties are constructed, maintained and managed by the company itself.

Gemeinsame Anlässe sind wichtige integrative Elemente, hier am Beispiel der Baugenossenschaft mehr als wohnen in Zürich. Foto: Lucas Ziegler

Wohnbaugenossenschaften sind geprägt durch Werte wie Solidarität, Gleichberechtigung, Gemeinschaftlichkeit und Selbstverwaltung. Um diese Werte in das alltägliche Genossenschaftsleben zu übersetzen, sind sie jedoch auf die Mitwirkung ihrer Mitglieder angewiesen. Diesbezüglich stellen Freiwillige eine wichtige Ressource dar, indem sie ihre Zeit zur Erbringung von Leistungen für die Gemeinschaft zur Verfügung stellen. Die grosse Anzahl von Mieterinnen und Mieter, die nicht oder nur wenig ins genossenschaftliche Leben integriert sind, stellen hingegen die Gemeinschaftlichkeit infrage.


Sozialwissenschaftliche Begleitstudie zur Solaren Fitness- und Wellness-Unit im Forschungszentrum NEST an der Empa in Dübendorf

View into the common kitchen of a cluster unit on the Hunziker Areal in Zurich. The building cooperative is mehr als wohnen. Photo: Ursula Meisser

Evaluation of housing concepts for micro households as a model for sustainable urban development

Ageing in place requires suitable forms of housing. Graphic: ETH Zurich/Raphael Haefeli

Feasibility study in the Liechtenstein municipalities of Triesenberg, Triesen, Schellenberg and Vaduz in cooperation with Sano AG

Baden in Canton Aargau is one of the towns examined in the case studies. Image: zvg

Examination of residential development structures and projecting theoretical illustrations of dynamic planning opportunities

For many elderly, aging at home is one of the most important goals in life. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE/Angela Birrer

Challenges and Opportunities at the Interface between Housing Management and Residents

Leprechaun at work? Photo: Annemarie Burckhardt-Wackernagel

Planning sociology between relational design and actor network theory (ANT)

Housing costs are a major difficulty for people experiencing or at risk of poverty. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Orientation Guidelines for Cantons, Municipalities and Local Authorities

Model and reflection – translation processes in design research. Photo: Anna Hipp

An international comparison on research in architecture and design research

The multi-generational Giesserei project in Oberwinterthur is an example of what constitutes an innovative housing concept. Photos: Kurt Lampart/Giesserei

Innovative processes and projects in the housing sector

Junction Rotach-/Gertrudstrasse – the heart of the project. Photos: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE/Angela Birrer

Assessment of the social sustainability of the Rotach housing project

Daily distance of house keeping, housing complex Neudorf/Stephanshorn, St.Gallen. Graphic: Ignaz Strebel

Repair and maintenance become key features of 21st century urban development

National programme from 2014 to 2018. Logo: Bundesamt für Sozialversicherungen.

Supply of non-monetary provision of services in the field of housing for those at risk of or living in poverty

The project's name is logo.

Enhancing urban density through sustainable housing development strategies (in German: ANANAS – Angebotsstrategie NAchhaltig NAchverdichteter Städte)

Registration of design competitions in the salle Melpomène, école des beaux-arts, Paris (1889). Detail of a drawing of Lemaistre, A. (1889) L'école des beaux-arts desinée et racontée par un élève. Firmin-Didot & Cie, Paris.

Close look at the impacts of design competitions

A residential community of the aging: In sunny weather the garden becomes a meeting point. (Photo: ETH Wohnforum – ETH CASE

Survey and Examples in the Canton of Zurich

Frank Stella's "Damascus Gate I", created 1969. Photo: T. Normon

Architecture, design and the fine arts as epistemic cultures in the making

Bras Basah Complex, central area, Singapore, is one of the case studies. Photo: Michelle Yingying Jiang

Interdisciplinary exploration of the relationship between density and liveability with focus on the use, and appropriation of common spaces in Singapore high-rise housing

The city of Vancouver is one of the case studies. Photo: Marko Marskamp

A comparative study of urban planning cultures

Housekeeper: Technician, organiser, inventor and sometimes even social worker. Screenshot: Susanne Hofer

That’s why our cities do not fall apart

Moving from one place to the next: 28 percent of the Swiss population live at two or more addresses. Photo: zvg

Mobility in the interplay of material, social and biographical conditions

Housing development Telli, Aarau.

House-biographies of large housing complexes from the period between 1950 and 1980

Das Künzle-Heim in Schaffhausen is the pilot of a new neighbourhood service centre. Photo:

Application and evaluation of a new elderly care policy in Schaffhausen

Architectural competitions in Switzerland: Online platform und network. Graphic: Ignaz Strebel

Architectural competitions in Switzerland: Platform und network

Railway station of Visp, Swiss canton Valais.

Perspectives on suburban planning

Construction. Photo:

Aktuelle Präsentationsformen und die Rezeption von Möbeln in Design und Kunst

District Bromma in Stockholm. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Possible sustainable development of three different Stockholm districts

Design Competition Chirurgieblock Graz. Photo:

Design competitions are a key element in Swiss building history and culture

Book published 2008, see publications.

Either it is already existing - or it will be there by the next day latest

Book published 2011, see publications.

Gesamtschau und Qualifizierung des Agglomerationsgebietes entlang der Bahnlinie S5

Book published 2014, see publications.

House-Biographies of Highly Appreciated Residential Buildings (1900 – now)

Housing complex Schachenfeld in Widen canton Aargau. Playground. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Haushaltsbefragung II im Anschluss an die Leitbild-Studie

The network meets regularly with focus on housing for the elderly. Graphic: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

The research network was born out of the CTI project "Housing in the second half of life"

Strongly linked with the neighborhood: The Wettsteinpark in Basel fulfills the vision of sustainable living for elderly people. Photo:

Three private foundations who are all concerned with the questions of housing for the elderly have joined forces in the context of a new housing project in Basel.

Multilocal living people: Today here tomorrow there. Photo: Elke Wurster

People in a multilocally organized everyday

House at Freihofstrasse in Zurich: One of eight analysed items. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Evaluation tools for the assessment of housing quality from a user perspective

The NFP 54 project locations: Cantons of Zurich, Solothurn, Uri and Ticino. Graphic:

How can single-family home residential districts be sustainably developed?

Book published 2008, see publications.

Innovations on Housing in the Second Half of Life

Regina-Kägi-Hof. Foto: Stücheli Architects

Zweitstudie 4 Jahre nach Bezug

Housing complex Schachenfeld in Widen, canton Aargau. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Haushaltbefragung im Anschluss an die Leitbild-Studie

Plan of site housing Im Schachenfeld in Widen, canton Aargau. Graphic: zvg

Studie zur Sanierung der zweiten Siedlungshälfte

Book published 2005.

Interdisziplinär anwendbare Unterrichtsmaterialien

Book published 2008, see publications.

Über den Umgang mit Tageslicht im Wohnungsbau

Kraftwerk1. Photo: Stücheli Architects

Evaluation von zwei neuen Wohnsiedlungen in der Stadt Zürich

Zhu Village in southern chinese Guangzhou. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

A Partnership for Urban Sustainability

Wood as a subject at school. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Didaktische Materialien für die Sekundarschulstufe II

Housing for 222 students.

Student housing and day care centre: research and contest

Housing complex Davidsboden in the neighborhood of St. Johann in Basel: The lawn is meetingpoint for all. Photo:

Second evaluation of the housing complex Davidsboden in Basel - 8 years later

Book published 2002, see publications.

Methods and Tools for a Multi-Systems Analysis of Sustainable Urban Development

Campus ETH Zurich Hönggerberg with the city of Zurich in the background. Photo: ETH Zurich

Evaluation and Action Research Project in the City of Zurich

Book published 1996, see publications.

Housing and life biography of women of three generations

The housing complex Davidsboden is located in the neighborhood of St. Johann. Photo: ETH Wohnforum - ETH CASE

Evaluation of the housing complex Davidsboden in Basel